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3D Panorama 360 photos with DeoVR trick

viddelviddel Posts: 7
Hi guys,

The Oculus 360 panorama app isn't very user friendly if you want to view your own content, and doesn't have a lot of options.
For viewing movies,I think the DeoVR app is great, with lots of options, but unfortunately DeoVR doesn't support still images at the moment, so it can't be used for viewing panoramas. Hopefully the developers will add support for that in the future.

However, in the meantime, I have come up with a solution to use DeoVR for viewing panoramas anyway: I have written a very simple Windows program that converts any image file (jpg,png,bmp,gif etc.)  to AVI format, so it can be opened in DeoVR. It is called Image2Avi, and you can download it at: It's completely free and doesn't require installation, hope you find it useful!

Best regards, Robert

P.s. If you find it useful (or have suggestions), please let me know below!

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