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Re-installed Oculus and medium, now my stamps are gone

eithmaneithman Posts: 21
Brain Burst
edited June 2018 in Support
I recently got a new hard drive. After installing it, I uninstalled Oculus and re-installed it onto the new hard drive. I reinstalled medium and a few other games, and when I went into medium, my library was empty. My husband got my sculpts to transfer just fine, but when I went to use my stamps that I've made, they weren't there. He tried doing the same thing he did with the sculpts folder with the stamps folder, and they're still not there when I look at my stamps or my library in medium.

is there a way to transfer my stamps to my new hard drive or at least to be able to access them?

(I posted this in general discussion before, I didn't realize there were categories)
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