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Pet Lab: How do you buy ingredients or food?

bigcat1969bigcat1969 Posts: 35
Brain Burst
I likely missed it in the tutorial. How do I get food for my pets? Can I buy ingredients? I have some gold, but can't figure out how to spend it.


  • DeroxanneDeroxanne Posts: 2
    If you haven’t found out by now, look for the tabs on the left side of the manual.  Choose I believe the caldron.  On the right side, select the tab which looks like a page with writing on it.  It will take you to recipe pages.  It’s here, where you’ll find how to make food.

    if you’ve found out how to make you’re creatures sad, please let me know.
  • hpmoonhpmoon Posts: 2
    Problem is, the developer of the game is extremely sneaky/deceptive about the fact that even if you have gold, you can't spend it until you pay $7.99 to "unlock" the padlocked cash register.  So really, the game is a tutorial trial, and to really get going, it's 100% pay-to-play.  Very deceiving, but that's how capitalists make money...
  • adrialdreyadrialdrey Posts: 3
    I paid the $7.99 and still have no idea how to make the food. It seems like I need ingredients that I don't have the level to buy... so confusing but SO addictive
  • AlexaMichAlexaMich Posts: 2
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