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need to tweak placement of reference mesh so I can mirror sculpt

stayinwonderlandstayinwonderland Posts: 18
edited June 2018 in Oculus Medium
Been trying to do this for a while now but nothing I do seems to work. I took an A posed model from Daz, exported it/imported it as a ref mesh into Medium. Imports fine.

So I then want to enable mirror/symmetry sculpting and it's off by an inch or so (not to sculpt the mesh itself but to build a sculpt around it). No matter what I do I can't seem to select that imported mesh and manipulate its position to align it with the sculpting. I also can't hide it - I assumed it would import onto the default layer but it doesn't appear to even be on a layer.

I tried pushing the left thumbstick down and using the right controller to select it, but I think it's just selecting the layer and not the A posed model.


  • P3nT4gR4mP3nT4gR4m Posts: 1,711 Valuable Player
    When you pull the left thumbstick down the menu that appears in in layers mode. Choose the third tab along at the bottom to switch to ref mode and then your lazor will activate ref meshes and images
  • stayinwonderlandstayinwonderland Posts: 18
    ah ok, I think that worked. Having other issues with it at the moment but I had a quick check before it crashed. Thanks :)
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