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How to Rip Blu-ray Movies and DVD’s to Oculus GO incl. Subtitles

F4CEpa1mF4CEpa1m Posts: 121
Hi all!

Watching movies and Netflix on the Oculus GO has become a favorite past time of mine thanks to the reduced SDE and improved resolution of the Oculus GO.

Text instructions below, also made a video guide here:  


All the software mentioned is free.

This works for normal DVD’s as well, just skip the ‘shrink file’ part (unless you want subtitles).

Rips are 720p due to Oculus GO resolution limitations but look a lot clearer than what you would expect from 720p on a PC/TV. More info here:



Download and install latest MakeMKV Software:

Go to this website and copy the MakeMKV beta code from the box:

Open MakeMKV software and at the top, click ‘Help > Register’, paste the beta code in to that field and click ‘OK’.


Download and install latest Handbrake software:


a) Open MakeMKV, click the big hard drive/disc icon to analyze the movie files

b) Once it’s done, in the list of ‘Titles’ untick all the boxes except the main movie file (this will almost always be the biggest file listed here)

c) Click the ‘Output Folder’ icon on the right hand side and hoose the location on your PC where you want to store the movie file

d) Click the MakeMKV button. The software will rip the BluRay disc to a file on your PC(will usually take around 30 minutes)


a) Open Handbrake and click ‘Open a Single Video File’ button and browse to the movie file you just ripped to your PC

b) Click the presets drop down list, go to the General menu and choose ‘Super HQ 720p 30 Surround’


Only do this step if watching movie that requires subtitles, otherwise skip to step 5.

a) Click on ‘Audio Tab’ and from the drop down lists choose the language you want to hear the movie in

b) Click on the ‘Subtitles’ tab and from the drop down list pick the correct subtitle track

Note. To find correct subtitle track, open the movie in VLC Media player, click ‘Subtitles’ at the top and try the different subtitle tracks until one of them works. Take note of that subtitle track number and pick that number from the drop down list in Handbrake.

c) Untick the ‘Forced Only’ and ‘Default’ boxes. Tick the ‘Burn In’ box.

d) Click on ‘Selection Behavior’ and tick the ‘Add Closed Captions When Available’ box and click ‘Save’

VLC Media Player Download:


a) Click ‘Browse’ down the bottom and pick the location on your PC’s hard drive you want to save your reduced movie file to. Give file a name (like MovieName – Small) and click ‘Save’

b) Click the ‘Start Encode’ button up the top (this will take a while)

Note: If handbrake crashes when trying to encode, go to the following link and download + install the Handbrake Nightly Build by clicking the ‘WinGUI.exe’ download link and repeat from step 3.

Handbrake Nightly Build:


a) Turn on your Oculus GO

b) Plug Oculus GO in to your PC via USB cable

c) Put on Oculus GO and ‘Allow’ the connection to your PC

d) Back on your PC, go to ‘My PC’ (Windows 10) or ‘My Computer (Windows 7) and open ‘VR Headset > Internal Storage > Movies.

e) Drag and drop your reduced movie file in to that ‘Movies’ folder

f) Unplug Oculus GO and put on headset


a) Download and install free Skybox media player from Oculus GO store

b) Open Skybox and play movie file

c) Press the trigger on the Oculus GO controller when the movie starts and in the ‘Stereo Mode’ menu make sure that ‘2D Single’ is selected

d) On the left go over to the ‘Subtitles and Track’ menu, and in the ‘Track’ tab, select stereo or surround depending on what is available

e) Choose your environment in ‘Cinema Scene’

f) Reset your view to a comfortable position

g) Hit play, kick back, relax and enjoy the film!



  • ChazmeisterChazmeister Posts: 371
    edited June 12
    I shall have to try the newer version of MakeMKV as I used it when I first had my rift to try and rip my "Mad Max: Fury Road" blu-ray and it didn't like it. Something to do with the copy protection on the blu-ray possibly. VLC wouldn't play the Blu-Ray either and the only reason I knew it wasn't my Blu-Ray drive causing a problem was because it worked perfectly with the Power DVD demo software.

    It's a shitter, because I would love to be able to watch blu-rays in VR in one of the cinema environments. So far (as far as I'm aware) no one has made an app for VR that can play blu-rays. All these cinema style apps just play a limited selection of media file types but not any actual physical disks. It means that in order to use VR for watching movies, I have to waste precious time and HDD space ripping DVDs and hoping the results turn out OK, when really we just need an app that can play the movies straight from our DVD/Blu-Ray drives. But as usual in the industry's overzealous drive to stamp out piracy and licence everything to the hilt, it's the legitimate users that end up being most inconvenienced.
  • RavengerRavenger Posts: 33
    Brain Burst
    Yep it's really annoying, as I have a bunch of great 3D blue-rays and no legitmate way to get those playing on the Go, or even the Rift which is attached to my PC with a blu-ray drive. To be honest I wouldn't mind paying a reasonable price to get a downloadable high quality 3D copies of various movies I already own for the Go, just for the convenience, however no-one is offering this option. The Oculus movies are streaming only which is silly for a device meant to be used whilst traveling (or on the Go, so to speak, pun intended. ;))
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