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Headset is not visible with expansion card

IndexSteadFastIndexSteadFast Posts: 4
I'm using this card. The headset is completely invisible with this card. There are no errors in oculus software and windows 10 device manager. 
An additional power is connected to the expansion card. Sensors work well through an expansion card.
Pls help.


  • MradrMradr Posts: 2,858 Valuable Player
    edited June 2018
    Hello, welcome to the community forum support. Please note that this is a community ran help section and that we are not Oculus direct support. We can help with some basic fixes and can be a bit faster than Oculus direct support, but advance help might only be available at Oculus direct support. At any time if feel you need more advanced support please feel free to reach out to support by sending a ticket here:

    It's recommend to only plug the sensors into this card and plug the main cable into the back of the motherboard.

    If everything else is working with the card - then some how it is not getting detected with the rift headset - try different ports and/or make sure it is being plug in all the way. Check both ends of the cable (not just the USB/HDMI side) that they are push in all the way as it's possible you pull a bit too hard on the other end connected to the HMD.
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