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Saved oculus VR videos location?

Eyeball_36Eyeball_36 Posts: 2
Hi all,

while led browsing the just for you section I found two videos I liked and clicked the save or bookmark tab, a screen popped up saying I could find my saved videos in my library but they are no where to be found.

am I looking in the wrong place?

i have tried looking in my library, Samsung videos and oculus videos and still can’t see the saved clips.

any help will be much appreciated,



  • T418LT418L Posts: 1
    I know this old post, but really i want to know the asnwer too
  • gehring.jangehring.jan Posts: 10
    Brain Burst
    Same here - I "save" some of the videos but I can't find the bookmarks anywhere....

  • SavoyGamingSavoyGaming Posts: 1
    Yeh, what the actual fuck.  Where is this section Oculus?
  • dskillindskillin Posts: 3
    Videos I saved showed up on the Home Screen
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