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Oculus Arcade

EispfogelEispfogel Posts: 55
Hiro Protagonist
I REALLY like the idea of having a virtual cabinet in front of me for playing some old games...but....

Why is there still no back button to exit a cabinet and switch over to another one? Am i missing something? Do i really have to exit the app all the time to chose another Cabinet?

Some games are unplayable due to controller issues. Just try to play PacMan, or Shinobi 3. There needs to be a deadzone setting or settings in general. 

Why aren't there more games to buy by now? Where are the SHMUPS(Gradius, R-Type just to name 2)?
Such a great app with such great promise and it falls flat :(

Please consider implementing something like New Retro Arcade Neon, or Sega Genesis Classic VR for Oculus rooms and let us buy some old games :)
Or just update Oculus VR with a back button and let us change cabinets, or buy other ones. Namco, Midway and Sega had a few more games available back then. And could you forget the SHMUPS? Maybe ask Cave - they could licence Mushihimesama,ESP Ra De or even Progear to you i am sure of it.

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