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I’m loving Pet Lab but is there a help manual?

DeroxanneDeroxanne Posts: 2
Newly into the game and can’t figure out how to make my creatures sad.


  • clukesterclukester Posts: 1
    Drop them in the cauldron, or play with the laser pointer, but aim it on the wall where your creature can't reach it.
  • NovaCoquetteNovaCoquette Posts: 1
    If you hold a piece of food without giving it to them, they will get sad. Same thing if you pick up the xylophone and don't play it. 
  • XCastielXXCastielX Posts: 1
    Does anyone know how to hatch a skratlo egg?

  • SharkworldSharkworld Posts: 1
    If I remember correctly Skratlo was heat, spin and shake.
  • hm12679hm12679 Posts: 1
    How do you make long feet on a monster?
  • MiniondeGruMiniondeGru Posts: 3
    @hm12679 You can’t.  Probably need a different creature/pet.
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