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Are you making tracker and if not could you start making them.

zOooZezOooZe Posts: 4
edited September 2018 in Oculus Rift + Touch
I love spending time in vr and i most usually play vr chat on my rift. What my problem is is that i would want full body tracking and htc have released special trackers and you can connect many of them. What would be nice is if oculus started making tracking pucks or allowing up to 3 vr objects to be pared at the same time (vr object- touch)<br>and to be able to use them in vr chat/steam vr. Right now the only way of full body tacking in vr chat for oculus owners is to pay some third party app to use your kinect or nolo vr system which is pretty unstable and a bad solution for it an update for 3 vr  objects would be apreciated or even better real oculus tracking pucks. Note oculus pls!
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