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Oculus Program Won't Download / Install! New Issue, help!!

david.hahn.37david.hahn.37 Posts: 1
I searched through a ton of "won't install" threads and this seems to be an issue that nobody else has had...
Basically, I just bought a *brand new* computer. As in, I turned it on, installed Steam, and now I'm installing Oculus Rift.
Everything goes fine, until close to the end of the "Downloading Oculus Software" part of the setup. It's downloading a 4.73Gb file, and it keeps getting stuck on the last stretch of it... I've tried restarting my computer, quitting and restarting the download (4 times), and even let it go all night in case the last few files were huge and just took a while. I have perfectly strong internet, so that isn't the issue, and there aren't ANY error messages. It's just... stopping.



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