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Now this looks rather promising - Seeking Dawn New 10 Minute Trailer

Shadowmask72Shadowmask72 Posts: 3,089 Power Poster
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  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 3,802 Valuable Player
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    Looks pretty good to me.

    Can't remember the last time a nice lady said to me 'get ready you're coming in hot'

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  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 5,846 Volunteer Moderator
    Whoa, looks like Anthem .. but VR .. nice.
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  • KlodsBrikKlodsBrik Posts: 677
    I recall having seen an early developmoent video of this.
    This has come a far way from that, which already looked promising.
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  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 4,877 Power Poster
    Good to see more developers using PBR textures with Unity. Looking really good...and am I the only one that noticed that Coleman has a REALLY nice arse and a decent pair of jugs? :love:
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  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 25,651 Oculus Staff
    Looks awesome! Really excited.
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  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 11,540 Power Poster
    Dude... this has StarCraft written all over it. Hell yes!

    That whole video was basically Terran vs Zerg. Insta-purchase for me. StarCraft 2 is my favorite standard 2D game in the past few years.
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  • Shadowmask72Shadowmask72 Posts: 3,089 Power Poster
    edited June 22
    They hid/removed the video for some reason? SOME gameplay.

    System Specs: GTX 1080 ti , i7 4790K CPU, 16 GB RAM, Win 10 64 Bit OS.
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 868
    She reminds me of Holly in Red Dwarf but sounds even more blonde ;)

  • Shadowmask72Shadowmask72 Posts: 3,089 Power Poster
    edited July 6
    They just released a new 10 minute gameplay trailer today. I added to the first post.

    System Specs: GTX 1080 ti , i7 4790K CPU, 16 GB RAM, Win 10 64 Bit OS.
  • nroskonrosko Posts: 768
    I've had the beta for a while. Spent about 40min in it & had enough. 
  • bigmike20vtbigmike20vt Posts: 3,270 Valuable Player
    Looks good.. oh and another thought. Captain Coleman has a nice ass ;)
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  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 11,540 Power Poster
    This definitely looks more promising in terms of gameplay and overall implementation than The Forest lol. Looking forward to it. I'm seeing some notes from beta testers on Reddits saying that this is worth playing. We shall see!
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  • nroskonrosko Posts: 768
    Well its not even remotely the same as the forest but the forest has better implementation imo but that isn't the main problem. My main issue with it so far is its quite linear & repetitive, I would at least wait for the reviews. It has decent graphics but essentially you just walk/run to the next waypoint & shoot the baddies. The monsters are not hard to kill there is no strategy & no atmosphere. It reminds me a lot of Primordian as that has eye candy but i was quickly bored by gameplay, If you like that game then you may like this. The game does not have the production quality of the bigger VR games so if that's important i would hold off. For example Coleman might have a nice ass but is poorly animated, when you beam down to the planet all the texture of the pod you are in is low resolution looks rubbish. Also much of the back ground whilst looking great in the video looks very flat ingame. I know its beta still but release isn't far off. Of course those where my initial thoughts of a beta but i'm not in a hurry to try it again. 

  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 11,540 Power Poster
    edited July 11
    Here's a full game review (including mild end-game spoilers). And the Reviewer does compare it to The Forest since there are obvious similarities.

    Overall, the game has one major design flaw: It currently relies on tedious actions and the in-game system isn't friendly enough to help the player speed through the most tedious/monotonous aspects.

    Luckily, this is something that is easily remedied. So perhaps after 1 or 2 major patches this game will be worthy of ending up in the Library of every VR enthusiast on the planet. I know I'll be keeping my eye out for any major updates post-release before buying this game.

    To compare, one of my favorite 2D RPG's in the last decade is Pillars of Eternity. But I didn't really bother completing the entire game or even buying the 2 expansions until I felt comfortable that the developers were finally done with all their patching. Since bugs and balance issues take time to remedy, I often find games with complex systems best experienced a few months after initial release. And in the case of PoE, it was well worth the wait.

    Seeking Dawn is getting high praises for its multiplayer coop, combat experiences, and overall immense beauty.

    Here's a quote on the aspect that is holding Seeking Dawn back from launching with greater appeal:
    in the first hour of the game you’ll find two gadgets that let you grind up plant life to collect wood, berries, and other resources, as well as one that lets you carve up exotic ores for valuable minerals. This is far and away the most tedious and poorly conceived part of the game. Not only are most resources limited and scarce, but you’ll often find yourself blindly wandering zones in search of specific rocks that are just barely a different color than another rock to get a particular mineral you need to make X thing or craft X gun.

    These crafting-focused roadblocks show up far more often than I’d have liked. I’ve got no idea why there isn’t a map system indicating where certain resources spawn or at least a reliable way of tracking where to find specific resources. By the midway point so much of the game is dependent on your ability to craft weapons, armor, and ammo that if you can’t find that specific ore you need then you’re just screwed.
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  • nroskonrosko Posts: 768
    6/10 is probably about fair. 
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