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Help - Monitor goes black when plugging in HDMI

ZedXCZedXC Posts: 2
So today I was playing beat saber and it was running a little laggier than usual so I tried turning off some of the background apps I had running but that didn't help. Anyways I eventually just resorted to doing a restart but when I turned my PC back on and plugged in my Oculus Rifts HDMI my monitor went completely black and the Oculus Rift wasn't showing anything either. I unplugged the HDMI and the USB but it still showed nothing on the screen. So I did another restart and the same thing happened. I tried going into Oculus Setup and repairing but it still did the exact same thing. Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix it?


  • ZedXCZedXC Posts: 2
    Nevermind I fixed it by uninstalling Oculus and reinstalling
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