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Touch Trigger Stuck

KnightMasonKnightMason Posts: 12
I've only had my Oculus Touch for 6 months and the trigger is already broken with light use.
I just sent in a support ticket for my right hand trigger being stuck. But has anyone here been through the process of getting it replaced and got a new controller in a reasonable amount of time?

I saw a few threads about it but nobody comes back to say if it was replaced or not, how long it took, or if they had to buy a whole new set.
And I didn't want to necro old posts.


  • SwirlyMapleSwirlyMaple Posts: 29
    Brain Burst
    Not sure if this will help, but the touch controllers have a design flaw: there is a rubber pad inside that is supposed to dampen the trigger when it reaches its stop, and this rubber pad eventually falls off inside every controller after some use. (Not sure if it's been revised recently, but for at least the first year of production or more this is the case.)

    It's possible that rubber pad has just gotten wedged in there and that's why your trigger is stuck. It's happened to other people many times. If you look in the gap around your trigger where it goes into the touch controller, you may see it wedged in there -- and if you carefully slide something thin around the edge of the trigger (e.g. thin cardboard), you might be able to knock it free and unstick your trigger.
  • KNP54KNP54 Posts: 237
    Nexus 6
    ^ This! I've had the same problem, rubber pad falls off and gets wedged between the trigger and casing. the rubber pad itself is very small. It's a semicircle with a diameter of about 2mm.
  • gschdeangschdean Posts: 1
    I got told to take a video of it..... Why? it's broken the day it came out of the box... is there anyone who does customer service anymore? is there anyone who warranty's their products? This smells of GoPro Support. 
  • KnightMasonKnightMason Posts: 12
    They had me send it back and I got a new one about 3 weeks later.
    Had to do a lot of pictures too. Serial numbers on the controller, on the box it came in.
    Glad I kept the box.
    I'm having a lot of software issues now after upgrading to a Ryzen 2600.
    Just never ends I guess.
  • NetheriNetheri Posts: 203
    Nexus 6
    No doubt at least 4 different persons in support will 1st ask you to unplug and plug the trigger and send an log about it :D . Then the 5th person actually reads what the problem actually is and after a week will send you an ticket (when you send new pictures and logs at least 3 times) to send the broken controller to Netherlands (about week) from where you most propably get back an refurbished controller, which takes about 1½ weeks to get back through _same_ route. If the refurbed controller really is refurbed and not just given some light therapy it all ends there but if the controller is already broken then the whole thing starts over one or few times which takes about 1½-2 months. When you finally get the working controller, you have most likely be fed up or forgotten the whole vr and just want to sell it forwards but the new owner wouldn't get warranty, as Oculus's warranty doesn't move to new owner even if it would still be otherwise valid even a 1½ years (in EU area).  :D 

    And sadly that story isn't not even bullsh*t, you can replace controller with HMD and it's actually almost entirely true.
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  • cryptoWOLFemia8cryptoWOLFemia8 Posts: 2
    Same problem.
  • timpistitimpisti Posts: 1
    Same problem. A little rubber ring fall out from the controller, the trigger lack on half way.
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