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Something not quite right? Feedback on a recent update? Use the Oculus Windows App Feedback feature.

LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 5,846 Volunteer Moderator
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Hello folks, not many people know but you can submit feedback about an issue to Oculus directly from the desktop app. Submitting feedback this way along with system info allows the devs to work quickly to fix bugs or implement features. This goes directly to the team, who might otherwise miss your feedback on the forum.

You can find it in the Help Centre section (Bottom Left Hand Side)

PLEASE NOTE: Feedback is one way only. If you need assistance from the Oculus Support team please use the official support area: where you can find guides and a way to submit a support ticket.

Do you have a feature request? Maybe you have a great idea for Home 2.0?

Oculus has set up a UserVoice system that lets you submit and vote on ideas from the community.
You can find it here:

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  • NetheriNetheri Posts: 81
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    Nice nice, but i think there's plenty of direct feedback to Oculus (and devs) from the latest versions in the every thread which is created when new versions roll out. It can't be so hard to even senior devs to check those through quickly?
  • YoLolo69YoLolo69 Posts: 932
    Direct feedback on created threads are often a lost of time for devs (I read them all). They often start with "Don't work! craps! I should have bought another headset", followed by "I found my issue, HDMI was plugged into my printer parallel port, now it work!" and alternatively mods say "Did you try putting your finger in that hole?" followed by "Oh! that's good, it work!, thanks CyberLZ!" ;) When you create a thread is to grab the community attention because (IMHO) you know in a corner of your head that it could be a problem on your side even if you publish your rants like if the whole World have the same problem (which happened very few times in fact).

    Making a real feedback report from the Desktop app if far more serious, mature and useful for devs IMO. Now nothing prevent to report in a thread in parallel to see if mods and other members could bring some smart ideas :)

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  • NetheriNetheri Posts: 81
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    Yeah, see your point @YoLolo69.

    But also, if every problem should be sent via system which doesn't even give sender any dev response, why even bother create an entire section in forums named "Support"? Is it because every Oculus user has the little whisper in the head saying that "the problem is mine, i fear to send it to devs (who won't even answer when sent via the tool)"? (Well, there's no response in forums from them, so no difference there :D )

    Imo, there's SO many requests about i.e. admin trick to be supported again OR getting a native option to not run Home(2), when using SteamVR, AND stuttering graphics (almost in every feedback) in Home(2) etc etc. that there really is something wrong with the software. And what's the deal with the mandatory Home(2) to be driven, when used SteamVR? The feedback majority on forums (In Oculus's own and i.e. Reddit) clearly states, that it affects performance, so why not give the Rift users option to disable Home(2) running, when not playing games from Oculus library? 

    And to be clear on this on my side: I would GLADLY run Home(2) same time with SteamVR if they would work better together. But atm those two aren't getting together very well..
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