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Welcome to Oculus Medium 2.0!



  • starakatstarakat Posts: 9
    Update on Medium crashing:  I disconnected from the internet and it seems to have solved the problem, except if I take off my headset, then it crashes.  I have had crashes since 1.0 though, but 2.0 was so frequent that it has been unusable until I disconnected from the internet.  Anyone know why this would be happening?
  • ma3ajinx2ma3ajinx2 Posts: 2
    Thanks for mentioning that the default resolution is higher. Now, since i am aware of it, i can adapt to it. That helped a lot. @LuluViBritannia

    yes, i do say harsh things when i am frustrated. Many people who are frustrated only think harsh things and keep their anger inside. I do not..... anyway... thanks a lot for answering.
  • naomi.cornmannaomi.cornman Posts: 188 Oculus Staff
    edited July 2018
    We pushed a patch to solve some of the issues you're seeing! 

    Medium 2.01 Release Notes

    Bug Fixes:

    • Loading 2.0 saved sculpts that had layer operations executed (renaming, uprezing, center, etc) previously caused transforms and hierarchies to not save correctly. Sculpt saves going forward should no longer exhibit this behavior. Older affected sculpts may be fixed automatically.

    • Log files no longer increasing in size over time sculpting in Medium

    • Fixed compatibility with Asynchronous Spacewarp

    • Took out misplaced audio on the “Import Mesh as Clay” tool tip video

    • Stalls on Exit that required the task manager to close Medium should be fixed.

    Known Problems:

    • Sometimes, after exporting a mesh and immediately exiting, Medium will crash on close.

    • Transforms in saved sculpts will not delete.

    • Crashes during video recording.

  • P3nT4gR4mP3nT4gR4m Posts: 1,706 Valuable Player
    W00T!!! Been looking forward to getting stuck in to layer heirarchy
  • ParhelionParhelion Posts: 34
    Brain Burst
    edited July 2018
    AMAZING updates! 

    That being said, I'm patiently waiting for Steady Stroke to work when Clay Tool is set to Surface.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for always being aware of all the user's feedback  :)
  • naomi.cornmannaomi.cornman Posts: 188 Oculus Staff
    We pushed another patch!! 

    Medium 2.02 Release Notes

    Bug Fixes:

    • Recording a 2D video while sculpting no longer crashes. Audio should be in sync over time.

    • Fixed the crash when deleting the parent of 4+ entities in a saved sculpt.

    • Occasional crash when quitting Medium in-app after exporting is fixed.

    • Asset browser directory watch doesn’t break when watching a folder with 64+ sub-folders.

    • Odd cubic banding on the clay surface appearing after a lot of sculpting has been eradicated.

    • Phantom transforms delete properly now after saving and loading sculpts.

    • Crash when deleting the parent of the speaker is fixed.

    • Surface constraint with mirror no longer results in asymmetry.

    • Crash when using the eyedropper to collect color on very old reference images in the scene is fixed!

    • A few notification scenarios are now better: you are given more detail when you reach the maximum number of lights, as well as when you are unable to save without clay in the scene.

    • Opening the WinSxS folder in the Asset Browser doesn’t crash any more.

    • Watching videos - as tutorials or tooltips - used to crash users during VR Recordings and Studio Share. No longer! (Basically, you can’t do this anymore)

    • Selecting “New” or “Load Sculpt” with the Material or Lights panels open no longer results in a duplicated panel stuck on the ground plane.

    Known Problems:

    • Hitching during first connection of Studio Share still exists.

    • Creating a stamp from a layer in Medium doesn’t preserve its grid- or axis-alignment.

    • We are thinking about surface constraint and steady stroke and their uses together. Hold tight!

  • LaptopChargerLaptopCharger Posts: 1
    If the application eats up too much GPU and memory, that may be because the default resolution is higher than the one from Medium 1.0. Just decrease the resolution for some layers, it should be a relief for your computer xD.The interface is much smoother and the various new tools were essential assets for accurate Any Case there is any issue regarding Dell laptop purchase it from our website.
  • malekula999malekula999 Posts: 8
    edited August 2018
    I cant even start it ( fatal error 
  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    Hey @malekula999, sorry it took so long to get back to you (I was on vacation!) - responded to you here: 
  • fhufhu Posts: 2
    edited September 2018
    Hi, I am loving all the new features of 2.0 ! Lots of stuff I'd been waiting for.
    But when I now try to capture video within Medium the results are horribly compressed/super blocky. I had used the captured videos before and they were okay in quality (even though only 720p) as can be seen eg. here:

    But when I capture video now it looks like this: 
    (watch in HD720p to compare)
    Is there a setting somewhere that can be used to boost the output video bitrate?

    Update: Actually.....looking at the old video again, it seems it was captured with Oculus Mirror (I can see a window frame). I guess that could explain the difference in quality. Which leaves the question, wouldn't it be great if Medium would generate better quality video natively than a 3rd party app running in the background?
  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    Hey @fhu, we have problem right now with bad bitrate resulting in low quality video recording. We're currently investigating a solution that works for everyone. For now we recommend using NVIDIA ShadowPlay to capture video in Medium, though we know that OBS also works. 
  • naomi.cornmannaomi.cornman Posts: 188 Oculus Staff

    Medium 2.1 is out!!

    New Oculus Avatars, Asset Browser multi-select, and Scene Graph with multi-select drag and drop and more!
    See full release notes here

  • KinggeoffmoKinggeoffmo Posts: 2
    Just wanted to say these have been some crazy powerful improvements! Thanks for the continued hard work! 
  • naomi.cornmannaomi.cornman Posts: 188 Oculus Staff

    Medium 2.2 is out!! 

    We’re celebrating the end of the year with the Oculus Medium 2.2 Release! We’ve listened to your feedback and worked to improve Medium as a powerful object editor. In this release, we’ve added 10 new languages, Node Lock, an organized Scene Graph, saved tool settings, and more! 

    Full release notes here

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