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The music accompanying the games.

cigaremoodscigaremoods Posts: 73
Hiro Protagonist

If the creators of applications for virtual reality read a little what is said in the forum here is a suggestion that I submit to them.

I think especially of games such as chess, mahjong, card games, drawing ...

All these games are accompanied by imposed and repetitive music that does not correspond most often to the tastes of the player, and after a few hours become unbearable to listen. The only solution currently is to cut the sound and broadcast music through another channel but so we lose the ambient noise of the game.

Could they not create a module by which we could attach our personal "playlist" and ambient noises would be integrated into the chosen music.

Thank you for your attention.



  • Panda_KandaPanda_Kanda Posts: 4
    I totally agree to your insight. If it would be possible to somehow attach our personal playlist and ambient noises would be integrated into the chosen music, that would be just awesome! I am so tired with the repetitive music they put in games... Personal playlist option would be so attractive!
  • BoKekLolsmanBoKekLolsman Posts: 6
    Frankly speaking, I haven't experienced such problems. In most cases music, ambient are implemented well in a game. Although, I could be lucky with the games I played. And basically, composing music isn't that easy (if such articles are right). And I think it's OK for indie games to have some insignificant cons.
  • cigaremoodscigaremoods Posts: 73
    Hiro Protagonist
    Quand vous jouez à un jeu pendant plusieurs heures très régulièrement et que vous avez 3 morceaux de musique qui se répètent à l'infini cela devient vite lassant.
    Les jeux dont je parle son des jeux calmes et de "petites" réflexions, une musique d'ambiance est agréable à la condition que le type de musique corresponde à ses goûts.
    Si vous coupez la musique vous coupez aussi les sons d'ambiance.

    When you play a game for several hours very regularly and you have 3 pieces of music that are repeated to infinity it quickly becomes boring.
    The games I talk about quiet games and "small" reflections, a background music is nice on the condition that the type of music corresponds to his tastes.
    If you cut the music, you also mute the background sounds.
  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 584
    Most games I play seem to have separate volume sliders for music and background effects.
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