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My Samsung 7 edge keeps going hot

HuiskisHuiskis Posts: 1
I do not see any use of Gear VR glasses because my phone overheats with in few minutes crash. I must wait as long as it gets cool again. One could not play anything. Is this only my problem or is it common one?


  • Spumoni.TSpumoni.T Posts: 1
    I've got the same issue with my S7 when using the Gear VR headset. I factory reset my phone and removed any extra programs that were unnecessary and it has helped slightly. Maybe try to change setting and/or configuration of the display also?
  • Ramen11Ramen11 Posts: 2
    It's very common, as the phones that most people have are older than the software, therefore making the phones work harder than they can to work the VR feature.
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