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Help! Touch Controllers Freezing (Directional) But Still Rotating

Occasionally, within games, the touch controllers will lock in position (or occasionally just a random position), even though I am still able to rotate them. Best way to explain this is that games will think I have my controllers at my sides, even if I move my arms, but just my wrist can rotate around (so I'm still able to get to menus and all that).

I've done the following to try and remedy:

1) Replaced the batteries in both touch controllers.
2) Reset the sensors a few times (moved them around to different locations and also have done the setup utility a few times).
3) Moved the sensors to different USB ports.
4) Turned off USB power management on the sensors.

Here's my system config:

Athlon 880K CPU
GTX 1060 6GB GPU

Sensors connected via USB2 (don't have USB3 ports).

I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually the CPU (it's 'unofficially supported' as per AMD, even though Oculus doesn't officially support it -- been meaning to upgrade it but DDR4 ram prices are insane right now so was holding off on it) or the lack of USB3 ports, but wanted to turn to the community to see if anybody here had experienced this or knew how to remedy it in a different way.

Would love to hear some thoughts here (ideally besides 'get new hardware lol'), but if it's a hardware issue, totally understandable.


  • CreepymortyCreepymorty Posts: 1
    I think I have the same issue. My hands will freeze in place but I can still rotate them and press buttons. Happens every few minutes
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