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Oculus app On Ipad

ShermanHermanShermanHerman Posts: 16
I installed the oculus app on my ipad, right after it boots up its in horizontal mode and quickly spins the screen to vertical..  In vertical view the app does not seem optimized for the ipad...When I use text to search for something the first couple letters are off the screen...

Am I missing something?


  • oliver1111oliver1111 Posts: 40
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    It does work on iPad  on App Store its says iPad iPhone iPod. Touch I have on. iPad and it's works
  • ShermanHermanShermanHerman Posts: 16
    It works but like I said its optimized for a iphone not the ipad as it forces vertical view and cuts out parts of the screen..You can view the missing part of the screen of course if you manually hold your swipe finger there which is unreasonable...
  • oliver1111oliver1111 Posts: 40
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    you just press 2 times on the Botton 
  • baydar62baydar62 Posts: 3
    I have the same problem. The app will not display in landscape mode. It’s formattd for a phone, not the iPad. It functions fine, but will not rotate. Double tapping merely increases the display size but has no effect on the rotation. It really is an inconvenience and should be corrected. 
  • Techy111Techy111 Posts: 6,736 Volunteer Moderator
    Pop a request into support, the more people report the better chances for a quick fix.
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  • RCHelizRCHeliz Posts: 4
    It is 2019 and the Oculus app is not iPad native? Are you guys serious. Unbeliveable! Please, please make the app support proper iPad resolutions. It is very embarrassing!
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