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My Oculus go microphone is not working

rapturereadyraptureready Posts: 2
My Oculus go microphone is not working what do I have to do to get my microphone working.  I have checked the microphone settings and they’re wide open 

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  • rapturereadyraptureready Posts: 2
    My oculus go microphone has quit working. I have checked the microphone gain and the mute button all are on 
  • voxelmaniamvoxelmaniam Posts: 130
    This is just a guess but is it possible that you have something plugged into the audio connector like wired headphones that don't have microphone support? I think I read somewhere that the audio connector supports an external microphone and if this isn't supported by your headphones it might short out the internal microphone.
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  • axman_ncaxman_nc Posts: 3
    That's quite a design flaw if true.  I was using external headphone when my mic but the bullet a few days ago.  Some social apps auto mute you if you don't use headphones such as Altspace, which I use.  I've also read you don't need headphones with the Go as it doesn't interfere/ghost.
  • naicovrnaicovr Posts: 1
    edited February 20
    you have to give permission for the app to use Mic, for that
    ->go to settings and switch on the microphone option
    ->then go to device->permission and select the app then grant access to microphone option.(for example: youtube).
    its worked for me.
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