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unity3d + oculus utilities

KaioRiftKaioRift Posts: 3 Oculus Start Member
In a totally empty unity project built to the go, when you exit to home screen using the home button and then relaunch, on first relaunch it crashes back to home, on second relaunch it successfully re-opens the app. Less than ideal but better than...
When including Oculus utils plugin, it completely crashes on the first relaunch, also when HMD falls asleep when removed, it completely crashes.

With Oc Utils included I have managed to add an OnApplication Pause method which forces the app to cleanly quit and return to the home screen,  ie using application.quit (but only on the first relaunch) after which it can be relaunched a 2nd time cleanly and it works, ie same scenario as the first example above.

This is kind of a MAJOR bug is there any indication what if any fix we might expect ?
or if anyone has figured out a proper fix for it?


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