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Recovery image for the Oculus Go?

gotgalfgotgalf Posts: 47
Brain Burst
I had to do a factory reset before, because the microphone stopped working, and from reading the forum, it seems that a lot of other people also had to do factory resets.
What concerns me is, that sometime the flash may be corrupted so badly, that the factory reset doesn't work anymore.
I've had that here and there with smartphones, and for exactly that reason, most smartphone manufacturers provide recovery images, that you can flash to the phone.
In most cases, it comes with a batchfile, that you just start, and then the recovery runs automatically, and repairs the firmware in most cases.
I've always found this to be very convenient.

Does Oculus also provide such a recovery image?
If not, why not?


  • aman_dhingraaman_dhingra Posts: 11
    Yes even i am looking for recovery image. where can i find? someone please help
  • voxelmaniamvoxelmaniam Posts: 128
    edited July 2018
    You’ll probably get a More accurate response to this question if you submit a Support ticket.
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