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Horizon has a slight tilt to the left

I have just gone through the Oculus setup process and am noticing that the horizon isn't completely level and there is a slight tilt to the left - it is particularly noticeable when in the universal menu.  I just have a few questions in regards to this.
  • Can the position of the rift sensors effect this? For example, if one is positioned a little higher than the other?
  • Is this due to faulty hardware?
  • Is there a setting where I can re-calibrate this?
Thank you


  • dburnedburne Posts: 3,188 Valuable Player
    That is not normal, but I have seen others have had that on occasion.
    Sensor position should not affect it, however may be worth trying to just re-run sensor setup.
    Otherwise I would contact Oculus Support and open a support ticket.

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