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Oculus GO should allow VPN connections

gotgalfgotgalf Posts: 47
Brain Burst
Some of us are (at least temporary) in situations, where we have to use a VPN.
Restrictive corporate and university networks, hotel WiFi, traveling abroad.
Every smartphone has an inbuilt VPN functionality, but Oculus deliberately removed it from the GO, maybe to save some space, or maybe only because they didn't have the time to program an interface in their settings, and didn't rate it as important.

The Oculus GO is a mobile device, and it seems that not even Oculus expected it to be used THAT mobile. But it is.
So, please add that functionality.


  • CrimsonSky3000CrimsonSky3000 Posts: 3
    I sideloaded the PIA VPN app in oculus TV. Works using the oculus browser.
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