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afmafm Posts: 31
Brain Burst
I bought my Oculus Rift for sims racing and want to know where I should position my sensors to race on my rig, can I only use one sensor or or do I have to both, I am finding it impossible to get the right positioning as the head set is showing the race from behind racing seat?

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  • TadinTadin Posts: 281
    Nexus 6
    Sounds like your sensors are fine, just recenter the view once you're in the game.

    Most games have a button for recenter, but there is also one when you press the Oculus button while in the game, you'll see the option to quit app or reset view, just use that.
  • WreckLuse68WreckLuse68 Posts: 250
    Nexus 6
    I map a button to my wheel to center head position...with PCars 2 you can do that in-game but with Assetto you would probably need to use something like JoyToKey (at least last I checked).
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  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
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  • afmafm Posts: 31
    Brain Burst
    My Oculus  is great for VR and just playing around but as I said I bought primarly for sims racing but I am nearing the point of giving up trying to set it up I have set up the senors  but cannot set up Project Cars 11 to play on the Oculus it runs on the flat screen but stretched but not on the Oculus I had to buy this version of Stream for my PC which I loaded onto my computer weeks ago but reasently went to Stream to load their VR version now should I be using my one on my computer or Streams VR version as I feel one is overlaping the other
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