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Oculus Dash Virtual Display Not Remaining in the System and Causing Dash to not Function

JimTheCactusJimTheCactus Posts: 1
Dash promises to be an amazing tool. However, I can't get it to work; I get the orange rectangle with an exclamation point on all windows, including the virtual keyboard. Reading through several pages of documentation I determined that the critical element in this process is the virtual display that Oculus adds when you enable Core 2.0. Digging around it became clear my system didn't have the virtual display.

As a troubleshooting step, I tried disabling Core 2.0, rebooting, and then re-enabling it. Upon doing so, the necessary VR display device appeared in device manager for about 2 seconds (with Windows making the device added sound,) and then it disappeared again (with Windows making the device removed sound.) No error message was generated on the screen or in the HMD. Similarly I've tried doing a repair install of Oculus, but the behavior has remained constant; enable Core 2.0, get the display briefly, and then it disappears.

I presume that there's an error occurring in the driver or some other kind of issue, but I'm not sure where to look next. Any advice as to how to proceed to troubleshoot the issue would be appreciated.


Some information to help understand the logs and to know more about the operating environment:
  • My primary effort at troubleshooting this was done on 7/8/2018 in the afternoon (including the reinstall, and re-enabling Core 2.0.)
  • I tried again today (7/11/2018) at around 10:00 AM local time.
  • The computer is a laptop computer with an NVidia Geforce 1070 video card in it.
  • When I'm not using Oculus, the HMD is disconnected from the computer and a second monitor is connected in its place.
  • Spyder4Pro version 4.5.9 is installed on this computer to provide color calibration. I wouldn't expect it to cause trouble here, but because it touches the monitor color profile information I figure I'd mention it (I don't use it for my HMD, nor would I expect to apply it to the virtual display if it stayed long enough, but I do photography work so my other displays are calibrated.) I also tried disabling it before re-enabling Core 2.0 and it had no effect.
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