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"imu average latency too high" error

FriedToenailsFriedToenails Posts: 1
edited July 2018 in Support
So im trying to use my Oculus rift and touch controllers for the first time literally ever, and everything is set up correctly but my HMD constantly freezes, which results in me seeing a still image for a few seconds. I really wouldn't care if this happened every so often but this probablem occurs every 6 seconds or so. When it's not frozen, everything is perfectly smooth.
This kept happening so i checked on the status of the HMD to see what the problem was, and i got an error that said "imu average latency too high" or "imu rate error".
Im completely new to Oculus and VR tech in general so a little help for a dummy would be gladly appreciated.
Thank you.

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