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Black Screen, Orange light, desktop displays When Connected to integrated HDMI

justin_bakerjustin_baker Posts: 1
So I'm trying to get the Oculus up and running. I have tried resetting Oculus through the beta menu, reinstalling video drivers, restarting the computer, trying different HDMI ports, making sure the HMD end of the cord is properly connected.

Before going through the initial setup the HMD displayed a screen saying to use the setup. After going through the setup for the touch controls and sensors I consistently get a hardware error. I thought maybe I could have damaged the HDMI end of the cord or something, but I just happened to try to plug the rift into the hdmi port that is not connected to the video card and on the HMD I saw the default blue windows background. So it appears that the rift can receive video. When it is plugged into the video card it will play audo through the headphones, but the light will be orange and the HMD will display nothing.

I tried to attach the appropriate/latest log, I think it should be the right one.
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