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Can't find dynamically created folders and files in oculus go (using Unity).

Sandeep.SutharSandeep.Suthar Posts: 4
Hi, I have created an app which clicks pictures using virtual camera and saves them on drive in oculus devices (gear vr and oculus go). Its working fine on Gear VR. I can find and view the files on phone. The problem occurs in Oculus Go. I don't get any error when I create the directory (if it doesn't exists) and save the picture, but when I connect the oculus go to my pc and look for the folder I can't find it. The bizarre thing is that if I try to manually create the folder with same name at same location, I can't do it, if I change the name of folder just a little I can create the folder then. This means that the folder exists there but we just can't view it. I have also tried to access those files and folders using our code in app and we were able to find and access those files. Can some one explain me why I can't view those files and folders by connecting Oculus Go to my PC? 
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