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WordPress or Others?

McGillJohnMcGillJohn Posts: 2
Since I know it's a developers forum but I am still unsure about posting it in general topics or in off topic, so for my safety i choose to put my question in off topic. I hope I get my answer. My question is about web development since i am new in this so i would like to ask that
Which is better, a website developed using HTML/CSS/JS or by using WordPress?


  • BrixmisBrixmis Posts: 2,223
    Project 2501
    edited July 2018
    It depends what you want. I ran a cpanel type website (writing my own html pages) for years to cover my hobbies and present reference information for some flight sims and had many more visitors than I ever expected.

    I recently switched to Wordpress - where you choose a template and everything is set out for you - you just add the pictures or video and text in the relevant spaces. You can also have your own domain name linked to the wordpress site (so that if they put in your address it diverts visitors straight to your Wordpress site). Whilst this was far more convenient than doing it all yourself, after 10 months I had a mass total of 2 followers and an average of 2 visits per month! (compared to 2,000 average on my cpanel based website). So my site got nowhere near the same level of promotion and I never once saw it on a search engine. Also, Wordpress actually turned out to be no cheaper, at £36 a year for the pro package.

    Another thing to bear in mind - I decided to close my Wordpress site and account but have had no end of issues trying to do so. In fact - read it for yourself:

    This used to be at but I cancelled the domain and though I went through every step of the deletion process at Wordpress many times - it continually refused to let me delete my own site and material, so I simply deleted every post I'd made myself, leaving just that "Welcome" page for anyone to look at.

    One thing I have started using since a few months back is Google Sites - they are free:

    Hover your mouse over the menu at the top right to see the other pages I've done. This, imho, is far better than wordpress, with the caveat that Google could remove it at any time.

  • McGillJohnMcGillJohn Posts: 2
    edited July 2018
    Nice Suggestion Brixmis. But i am a beginner your suggestion seems more technical for me. Anyway I would like to tell you that one of my friend suggest me to use wordpress. He said that wordpress is more suitable and an easy platforms for the beginners and just because wordpress is more intensively developing and updates are coming out regularly and we can find so many responsive themes and one he told me the name of a plugin "WordPress Full Text Search" that whenever i feel some problem while searching this plugin will help me to solve that problem.

  • BeastyBaiterBeastyBaiter Posts: 758 Poster of the Week
    edited July 2018
    It really depends on what you're trying to do. If all you're looking to do is make a blog or something along those lines, Wordpress and Google Sites are good options. They require zero knowledge of web development to use. Just add your pics and text and you're good. It's a lot like posting stuff on this forum.

    If you are trying to learn web development, you need to learn HTML5/CSS and JavaScript at an absolute minimum just to get started. Depending on what you are trying to do, SQL, PHP and a full programming language (e.g. C#) may also be required. HTML/CSS and JavaScript to not require an online host to learn. You can run that stuff directly off your desktop with any web browser. The more advanced components, such as SQL, will require either renting a host or setting up your own.

    If you want to go the second route, start at w3schools.
  • BrixmisBrixmis Posts: 2,223
    Project 2501
    edited July 2018
    @McGillJohn- yes, I agree wordpress is easier than doing your own. I would say, for a beginner, that Google Sites is the easiest of the lot. You click on "Image" it lets you put an image in (which you can move around and resize "live" with your mouse cursor), you want to put in some text, well just click on the text icon and it makes a text box for you. You can upload the image or use Google Drive (or any other image hoster) and point to that - I load whole groups of over 20 images all in one go, from Drive. Seriosuly, it's so easy there is no way you can get it wrong.

     I found in wordpress I sometimes got a bit lost trying to find out how to do something (such as menus - a good example, and every time I wanted to do something with a menu I had to go searching again, because I would forget the process as it wasn't simple enough). Another downside with wordpress is picture sizes - even on a pro package my pictures were limited to about 800x600.

    So if you are after really easy and have no experience, I would definitely recommend Google over WP - but if you have someone who knows the WP system to help you, that could work well for you. I don't know if you need a Google account or not. Put it this way, though - having run that site for years myself, then wordpress and finally Google, I am sticking with Google now because it does what I want with zero fuss, it takes minutes to get a page up - and it's free :) Biggest bonus of all.

    PS - have a look here - it may help you decide:

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