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Oculus Ready Badge doesn't deliver on promises

KazandriaKazandria Posts: 3
edited July 2018 in General
A few weeks ago I bought an Oculus Ready certified laptop (Dell Alienware 15 r4). It is listed on the Oculus Ready PCs page ( ) and Dell also displays the certification on the product page.

The Oculus Ready page also lists the following text:
About the badge
Ready when you are
We want you to be able to step into virtual worlds right out of the box. Oculus Ready machines are so simple to set up, you can be ready to go in as little as 30 minutes.

Well, the laptop only has 2 USB-A ports, while the minimum listed on the requirements page ( ) shows you need at least 3 USB-A ports, 4 recommended. It also recommends to buy an Oculus Ready PC if your current computer doesn't meet specifications.

There are additional dongles that can be bought from Dell to connect USB-A on the USB-C ports. However, I would expect them to be shipped with the laptop or not to use the Oculus Ready PC label.

So in short, although the Oculus Ready badge promises you to be able to "step into virtual worlds right out of the box", you shouldn't expect it to really run out of the box. I've contacted both Dell and Oculus about it and both don't seem to have an issue with using the Oculus Ready label although the Oculus Rift can't even be connected to the laptop without additional purchases. I think the laptop should be shipped with 2 dongles to meet recommended specifications if they want to put the badge on it or just call it "Almost Oculus Ready".


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