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VR On The Go - Testing The Widmo VR Prescription Lenses and Playing Coaster Combat

vrgamerdudevrgamerdude Posts: 284
Nexus 6

So today I got a surprise package delivered at work and when I opened it up it was a set of WIDMO VR prescription lenses for my Oculus Go. I really want to thank the team at WIDMO for sending this awesome gift!

I have to say I really like the design of these lenses.... unlike the WIDMO Oculus Rift lens adapter I was using these just snap right onto the the Go. I also noticed a nice jump in the clarity and of course comfort over shoving the Rift WIDMO adapter in there or wearing my every day glasses while in my Go.

In this video I also play a bit of Coaster Combat. Over the years I think I have tried every VR roller coaster out there dating back to the DK1 days. I have to say I really enjoyed this one with the addition of the shooting element. This seemed to help keep me grounded and focused during the ride and even though I don't suffer from VR sickness in experiences like this, I could see where focusing on the shooting aspect of this ride may help a bit for those who are prone to it.

Overall I would have to recommend both the WIDMO VR Prescription lenses and Coaster comabat. The lenses are hands down some of the best I have tried yet and Coaster Combat is pretty damn fun!
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