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Unable to Launch Echo Arena/VR (False error)

mooseofdoom23mooseofdoom23 Posts: 1
edited July 2018 in Lone Echo / Echo Arena
I'm unable to launch Echo Arena/VR anymore. A couple updates ago, it would give me the error message on startup that my chipset isn't supported, but then it would launch into the game anyways and everything works just fine. For some reason this game thinks my chipset doesn't support SSE4.1/4.2, but that's false and I have no issue with any VR games or VR in general.

But now, Echo Arena/VR won't let me into the game. It gives me the SSE4.1 error message, then won't launch the game, even though I was playing it perfectly fine the other weeks, and the game ran like butter without issue when it let me through past the error message.

Does anyone know how I can bypass the error message and force the game to launch anyways? Somehow it let me before after I clicked "OK", but now it refuses to launch. I know the game works on my system. I HAVE played it.

Attached image is my CPU-Z. I guess this is a bug in the detection of my CPU, probably because it is an older model i7, but it still works perfectly fine.



  • booty156booty156 Posts: 2
    Using HxD or any hex editor - find and replace 3C 1B 00 00 90 E8 36 02 00 00 83 E0 38 3C 38 74 with 3C 1B 00 00 90 E8 36 02 00 00 83 E0 38 3C 38 75
  • korekstworekkorekstworek Posts: 2
    I have the same issue. My xeon supports SSE4.2 according to intel spec but this bogus check prevent me for playing. 
    I'll try to edit binary but this is not the long term solution - it will break with every update. I even opened the support ticket but it starts to get ridicoulus and they want me to send output from compatibility check to prove that my cpu is not supported but oculus does not even have the cpu compatibility list. 
    I was able to click ok on this bogus message before last Friday and the game runs perfect in terms of performance. 
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