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clutteredcluttered Posts: 26
Brain Burst
What is it with permissions, are developers just lazy or is there some hidden agenda?

I have installed lots of apps, most are really good, unfortunately most also seem to want to have full access to my photos/videos, want to be able to add and delete files, want to record audio, want full access to my network and/or full access to my mobile device!!


I always deny everything and so far everything bar one app has worked fine. 

We need to stop this, if it's laziness then the developers need to sort themselves out, a little extra work won't kill you. 

As users we need to refuse all these requests and complain, remember certain companies helping themselves to all our contacts - granted that was without permission and even if you declined they helped themselves anyway (really, NO means NO)? 

More recently all the silly little quizzes, perfectly harmless, oh well yes we are stealing all your data and aggregating it for sale to third parties, but you're okay with that right?

It's nice that I am asked each time, it would be better if it wasn't necessary and it would be great if I had some confidence that when I say NO they are actually respecting that.


  • TrueSeekerTrueSeeker Posts: 1
    I have declined to get several games that I liked because of the required  permissions and not installed half of the free programs that I download for the same reason.
    Why would I give anyone full access to my network? That seems really creepy me.
    I haven't run into any quizzes yet, thankfully.  
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