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Audio mirroring stopped working in games

dzubeidzubei Posts: 2
I`ve been using my oculus rift for about a year and I havn`t had a problem with mirroring audio before. Unfortunately after last updates ( Windows10 or Oculus, I`m not sure because havn`t used my oculus for about few weeks)  audio mirroring function stopped working properly. It still works fine when I`m in the oculus vr room ( I can hear sound in oculus headphones and from my speakers), but when I run a game I can hear sound only form a device which is set as default device in Windows10.
Speakers are as my default device, so during the game I can hear the sound only form my speakers. If I switch to oculus headphones as default I can hear sound only in my headphones (in oculus room and in games). 
I also noticed that now games run in full screen mode on my desktop, maybe because of that there is a problem with mirroring audio? oculus room runs in windowed mode and mirroring works fine. Is there any way to return to windowed mode in games?
Any suggestions on how I can fix this please?


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