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Phone performance slowing down in VR?

PhaserlightPhaserlight Posts: 163
Sort of a strange issue:
Vendetta Online and Altspace are sublime in VR; the experience approaches digital Nirvana.
However, recently my S6 has been running into... issues, while in certain sectors in Vendetta or while around the campfire in Altspace.  It's... judder?... I think?  It's almost as if the phone cannot keep up with the rendering, so the framerate slows below 20, controls lag, and in Altspace at least black borders appear around wherever it is I happen to be looking as I rotate my head, drawing acute attention to the fact I have two screens very close to my eyes.  The sound in Altspace also stutters when this happens.
It didn't use to be this way.
Is this the fault of my phone?  Is it slowing down as those iPhones are infamously wont to do?  Is this somehow the result of "lag" while playing an internet-connected experience?  I doubt the latter, as it seems like a rendering issue.  Just wondering if anyone had similar experience(s).
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