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PC doesn't recognise Oculus Go

cantab52cantab52 Posts: 1
1. I purchased my Go mainly for the purpose of watching videos from my video library on my PC. When I plug the Go into my PC it beeps. When I look through the Go viewfinder there is no on screen message about allowing the Go to access files on the PC. When I check Device Manager on my PC the Go is not listed. Any thoughts?
2. Installed an mp4 video on my iPhone 6, which is paired with my Go. When I look for the video on my Go it is not listed.


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Can you try a different USB cable or USB port?
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  • AlanOTooleAlanOToole Posts: 132 Oculus Start Member
    Try opening the device manager. Then plug in the Go. See if you see an Unknown Device appear. If so, try right clicking and uninstall/remove. Then unplug and reply back in the Go. See if that helps Windows pick it back up again? I've seen this with some Android devices before.
  • AfrobaronAfrobaron Posts: 1
    Turn off dev mode if it’s on. Also you can leave it on but on the terminal type the command « adb devices »
  • F4CEpa1mF4CEpa1m Posts: 154
    FWIW my Oculus GO couldn't connect [had previously but just stopped].  Turns out I had developer mode previously on but it was currently off.  Connecting my phone via bluetooth to my Oculus GO and enabling the developer mode and then disabling it once again worked.  Now connect to my PC via USB cable again.
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