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DK2 chromatic aberration correction and ASW not working

VRpr13VRpr13 Posts: 2
I don't know since when this problem started cos I don't use my DK2 to much lately but I just plug it in to do a demonstration and I do encounter this problem.

The chromatic aberration correction is absent, so every thing shows a red/blue halo around, I did take a screenshot with the Oculus debug tool mirror that show there no chromatic aberration correction being processed:

Also ASW its not kicking in at low frame-rates so everything is choppy.

It seems that the Oculus runtime is just puling out raw processing.



  • VRpr13VRpr13 Posts: 2
    I did some testing and the choppiness its actually the ASW auto switching on/off, so forcing it off solve this problem at the moment.

    But still no chromatic aberration correction and no way to switch it on.
  • TwoHedWlfTwoHedWlf Posts: 2,210 Poster of the Week
    Bummer,  looks like it's time to buy a CV1,  you've had 2 years to save up.
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