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Oculus problems!!!

paul.rumble.5paul.rumble.5 Posts: 2
I have to say out of all the electronics I've bought threw all the years, the Rift by far is the biggest pile of crap I've ever owned!! I've gone threw 3 exchanges in over the course of a week!! The first one had issues with the left lens failing. This happened not by playing a game, but just viewing a video entitled, "Introduction to VR". The only way I had to partly resolve this issue was shutting down my computer and restarting. When I put the VR headset back on, it worked for a few minutes before failing again. Just to note, every cord is plugged directly into my PC - Yes, I pulled all cords out and plugged them back in hoping that would resolve the issue + checked the VR headset cord. Also, all my drivers are updated. I thought reinstalling Oculus would help, but it did absolutely nothing but waste my time. My desktop has 4 usb 3.0 ports on the back and 2 on the front. Yes, I tried different ports for the VR, ones that my external hard drive were using, plus my blu ray player, and usb audio interface, which have had zero issues over the last 6 months using these usb ports. I have a GTX 1070 graphics card with 8GB on the card, so VR compatibility is not the problem. The second Oculus I got, the headset was working fine, but the controllers at random would stop working, usually the left one. When this happened it took a few mintues before it would come back on again/recognized. After googling the first VR I had to death to see what was causing the lens to go out, I didn't have it in me to do it again for the controllers. So I did another exchange (to note I bought Oculus at Best Buy and not some random unheard of electronic store). So the VR I just got today, I'm back to a faulty headset, this one worst by far!!!! I try setting up the Rift, and it goes to a black screen/ freezes within the VR headset after about 2 minutes. Once this happens, I get 2 separate messages at different times. One message is about, "checking the headset connection" and the other message says something about a hardware problem. This is not a HDMI issue, I had my monitor plugged into the HDMI as I removed it from display port to test, and it worked just fine. This is not a desktop hardware problem, this is a problem with what has become a very expensive paper weight. Best Buy has been more then kind with the exchanges, in hopes there is a working Oculus out there (with all pieces working), but there not going to keep exchanging, and now I'm afraid I may be stuck with this pile of garbage (I guess I'll find out tomorrow). I really wanted to love the Oculus, and this is why I kept exchanging, but if Best Buy puts my purchase on to a gift card tomorrow, I don't want anything to do with Oculus anymore!!!!!! At $600 Canadian, and 3 exchanges in a week this is just absolutely ridiculous!!!


  • RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 5,274 Valuable Player
    edited July 2018
    Sorry to read about your problems, I hope you can find a solution. To me, the Rift is the greatest piece of hardware I've ever owned, nothing compares - ok the GTX 1080 is pretty awesome too ;-)

    I never experienced any trouble with my Rift, it was easy to install - tutorials were awesome (loved that blonde girl, she was really - and I do mean really - hot ;-) First Contact was amazing (also compared to the lackluster Steam counterpart) - Touch controls completely vanishes and feel like real hands - and the games completely blew my mind - especially when cranking up super-sampling to get super-crisp image quality and textures.

    And no - I'm not trying to be some "dumb-Oculus-fanboy-who-will-defend-Oculus-to-the-last breath"; I'm really trying to state the obvious - no joke. 

    Some have experienced problems with newer Nvidia drivers (I did not, but I also did not get better performance, everything seemed the same) - you could try to use the old Forceware 385-ish drivers if that helps, and I prefer to use the old Oculus Home (I don't care for all the other gimmicks - I just want fast and easy access to my games and apps). 
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  • wanoennogswanoennogs Posts: 168
     You have been very unlucky. Once you get a working rift you will go from the Rift by far is the biggest pile of crap I've ever owned!! to wow this is amazing.  This is the best thing I have ever owned. 
  • paul.rumble.5paul.rumble.5 Posts: 2
    *Update* Best Buy thankfully and luckily took back the Oculus Rift, though not before speaking to a manager. Before I say this I'm not hating on Oculus, I really did want to love it and that's why I kept giving it so many chances. However, buying the Oculus Rift almost feels like your playing the lottery on if your bring one home that is going to work. This can be a huge issue when most retailers do NOT except wearable technology for returns and exchanges. This is not a $100 piece of electronic equipment, for most buying the Rift is almost a weeks pay. If I'm spending $600 (Canadian) this thing better damn well work!! I should not be having issues on mulitple exchanges all within 24 hours to a couple days on something this expensive. To top it off Oculus doesn't even have a support contact number, hmmm I wonder why lmao!! For the bit of time I owned Oculus I'm not going to deny the VR experience is out of this world. However, after all I've gone through this week, I will not be buying another Rift, the technology is still to new, and very problematic, where it's touch and go if you managed to get a working Rift. I've read many different comments in forms of various failures on the Rift, which some people have had for only 6 months, and now are struggling to get replies from Oculus in a getting support ticket for repairs. Luckly all my problems happened within a week and not 6 months down the road. Oculus you want my confidence back, implement a support contact number firstly, and fix your hardware so it does not come with failures brand new out of the box, given if there are stricter exchange policies in effect for wearable technology. $600 is way too much to money to be taking chances on.
  • dburnedburne Posts: 3,494 Valuable Player
    Hate to hear your issues and first experience with a Rift being so bad.
    All I can say on my end is mine has worked a champ since I got it on Jan 15 2017 and has worked a champ since.

    You were very unlucky, but certainly also in a minority. Unfortunately it happens sometimes with just about anything.

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  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Feel free to submit a support ticket if you need assistance. Thanks.
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  • Brandon5455Brandon5455 Posts: 18
    I'm on my second rift now do not ever buy this garbage product!! Fps drops, screen tearing,black screens, ENDLESS usb and sensor problems/poor tracking!! Its like a have to pray to the sun to make this thing work its unbelievable!! And of course the cherry on top is no support number whatsoever lmao what a joke.
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