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Oculus Go - how to set default app or Video

SavexSavex Posts: 1
Hello to all,
I have a question for my project.
I bought 3 Oculus GO for my guests when they come to my office. I'd like them to watch a virtual tour of my company.
I made the videos in 3D. Now I need to set the default playback of a specific video (on my Oculus) when the new guest wears these devices without initializing the settings or choosing which video to watch from the gallery.
I do not want my guest to be able to change videos or other settings. I could start the video with the controller when they wear Oculus Go.
I can do it? Can I set up video playback with a custom button on my controller? Do I need a specific app for this?

The goal is to show only the video to my customers every time they wear the Oculus GO, without having to navigate through the settings.

Thank you so much for your help


  • jaylynch46jaylynch46 Posts: 2
    If they don't have the controller, they won't be able to change anything except volume.  I'm assuming that you will get the video started and hand them the headset.   Add a 5 - 10 second interval at the beginning of the video to allow time for the hand off to take place.
  • NatureVRNatureVR Posts: 1
    Also looking for a solution to this.
    Currently trying to build an app that simply autoplays 360 via the skybox in Unity then sideload this using GO in developer mode, but building in unity means you lose the ability to have ambisonic audio.

    If anyone else out there has a solution to this?

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