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[Rift Beta v0.2.0] SKYBOX VR Video Player Calls For Rift Beta Testers! Posts: 17
edited November 2018 in Oculus Rift S and Rift

Hi friends,

We are developers for SKYBOX VR Video Player.

As it is time for our next big Oculus Rift release, we are looking for beta testers with Oculus Rift.

In this version (0.2.0), we are going to release many features which are already available on GO:

  1. Add cinema scene "Moon"

  2. Lighting adjustment in the Movie Theatre Scene.

  3. Seat change in the Movie Theatre Scene.

  4. SMB support.

  5. Support Youtube 180 (Fisheye) videos.

  6. Auto play next video on the playlist.

  7. Zoom boost to 250%.

  8. Adjustment for eye distance (offset) for 3D videos.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, please send your Oculus registered email account to us at [email protected] with a title include BETA TEST & Oculus Rift.

To be a beta tester can be rough sometimes because the new features or upgrade could influence you negatively depending on your own usage patterns. So please don't get too mad and just talk to me :) I'm sure we will solve it for you very quickly.

We thank you for your support and MOST IMPORTANTLY, we hope you have fun and enjoy SKYBOX :p



  • ElusiveMarlinElusiveMarlin Posts: 198
    I've sent you a private email on this Andy.  Hope to hear back soon.

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  • 71st_Mastiff71st_Mastiff Posts: 25
    Brain Burst
    Skybox will not update!!!!
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