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Another request for manual save

The ability to manually save seems to be requested by multiple users.
Is there any chance that'll happen?
Manually save the current game, at the current point, to a specific file name.

I have gone through the torch and visor training a few times now.  
Thank you.

BTW, this is really a great game, and I definitly appreciate the time and effort put into this.
Without a doubt, the best $$$ I've spent in a long time.

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  • MadMax1998MadMax1998 Posts: 51
    Hiro Protagonist
    I second this. I find it even more irritating that the game never tells you when it autosaves. I finished the game by now but along the way I had at least two pickups where I had to repeat about 10 minutes worth of gameplay from the previous day. Sad.
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