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R U tired of doing their work for them?

ScoobyVRScoobyVR Posts: 1
Oculus Support, the living joke.

So here we are, just a normal person with a regular job, typing in a box so that someone else with a regular job can attempt (maybe) to help. For free.
I recently read that Oculus Support has a Better Business Bureau rating of F. While I have not researched this myself, I feel it must be accurate do to my SEVERAL interactions with them. It feels accurate.

VR is Not new technology, no matter what they tell you. I was part of a team the developed VR back in 1995, in technical HIGHSCHOOL. What's new is How the VR functions. this time the monitor is strapped to your face, and it's real-time tracked. THAT'S IT. But the hardware isn't the problem. [Discounting the sharp cable management hardware that cuts your cord while you play in room-scale & short length of Proprietary cable Not designed for room-scale]

Oculus support only knows cookie cutter copy/ paste responses that sometimes have zero to do with the issues as they are presented, and the latency for 1st response can be a week or more (1-2 days my butt). After they make their 1st response you can expect a request of your files, even when you clearly tell them the setup.exe won't install in the first place. Yup, they're not paying attention. The ticket from start to finish can take anywhere from a week and a half to a month or more. They will now close your ticket without having corrected the problem, even when you reply within a day of their last email.

The Hardware is great, but the Oculus Home software is absolute $H*T, and has constant problems.
Like when that Runtime licence expired March 2018, disabling virtually Everyone's Oculus Rift. Yeah, that was fun. And par for the course 'round here.  I dred every action I have to take when dealing with Oculus home software because I'm always affraid it's going to result in the same 'ol thing: Remove software, reinstall software, keep fingers crossed.

All I'm saying is if I were this bad at my job, I'd be fired.


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    I understand your frustration, but what you describe does not sound like a typical experience. In most cases, we should first respond within 24 hours, but sometimes much sooner. I've seen tickets where we responded in 30 minutes. That said, if we require information, or there is back and forth troubleshooting, then in may take several days (or longer) for resolution, depending on the issue. I would be interested to know what happened in your situation, can you send me a private message with your ticket number? I can take a look when I'm in the office on Monday. Thanks.
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  • danybonindanybonin Posts: 63
    Hiro Protagonist
    and that is a 12 min delay.... Not bad :)
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  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    They disabled my mic in April to work with Elite. The mic panel is stuck on 48k mode only and this seems to be the glitch. No tech is addressing this. They palm me off instead!
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