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Usb 2.0 and 3.0

Justin_AdamsJustin_Adams Posts: 10
edited August 2018 in General
Is usb 3.0 really a necessity because I only have enough 2.0 slots for my setup and i have no 3.0


  • dburnedburne Posts: 1,760 Valuable Player
    For best overall experience it would certainly help.
    Can you add a powered USB 3.0 PCIe card?

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  • vannagirlvannagirl Posts: 1,879 Valuable Player
    edited August 2018
    Yes as Dborne says, usb3 is preferable for the best tracking. How many sensors do you plan to use? what are your specs
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  • kojackkojack Posts: 4,886 Volunteer Moderator
    In usb 2 mode the cameras send jpeg compressed images to the pc, whereas in usb 3 then send raw uncompressed data. The compression means the image may cause lower quality tracking.

    I was on usb 2 for a fair while with the rift when it first came out, and it worked fine. But of course usb3 would be better.
  • Justin_AdamsJustin_Adams Posts: 10
    I plan on using 2 sensors. As of now I noticed that when I move the tracking seems off where my touch controllers and head move in game when I’m not moving. Like if I hold my hands still in game they will slide to the left or right. Is this because of the fact I have usb 2.0 or because I have my sensors placed in bad spots. I currently have one sensor at eye levelon the wall and the other one diagonal on its stand on the ground pointing up at the other camera. Also I moved the camera I had on the ground so it would be aligned with the one on the wall for 180 tracking and that seemed to fix it. I can’t mount my other sensor on the wall right now because I need a usb extension for it to reach the wall
  • Justin_AdamsJustin_Adams Posts: 10
    Also I would like to know if my specs can affect the tracking and if that is what’s wrong. I’m currently below the recommended but I’m buying a 1060 6gb whenever I get my paycheck this week I only have a 960 2gb which means I can’t run anything besides like beat saber so that’s all I have been playing
  • Justin_AdamsJustin_Adams Posts: 10
    News flash I’m stupid. I don’t know much about PCs I just know a lot about using them. I didn’t know that usb 3.0 was the blue slots so I was literally using the only 2 usb 2.0 spots on my pc for my sensor. Now I have my headset and both sensors hooked up to usb 3.0. It literally shows blue USB ports on screen when talking about hooking it up I don’t know how I could be so clueless
  • Justin_AdamsJustin_Adams Posts: 10
    edited August 2018
    Now that I’m using usb 3.0 instead of 2.0 it’s saying that I have poor tracking quality which it never said before when using 2.0, I also disconnected my 2nd monitor and am not streaming any videos but it’s still giving me the error. Could it be because of my below recommended pc specs?

    I tried changing back to usb 2.0 and still got the poor tracking error. I don’t know what to do now so I’m seeing if it was some kind of bug and restarting my pc.

    Edit: I switched back to 3.0 and restarted and now it’s saying the USB port is incompatible.

    Edit: I did the age old strategy of turning it off and turning it on again and that fixed the usb problem but it still has poor tracking quality and when I went through the setup my controllers and headset were snapping around in game. I’m going to bed for tonight but tomorrow I’m going to try and switch back to 2.0 again and restarting my pc.
  • kojackkojack Posts: 4,886 Volunteer Moderator
    I didn’t know that usb 3.0 was the blue slots
    Most of the time, yes. But some systems screw that up. Plus there's a few more colours with special meanings.
    The typical ones:
    white - usb 1
    black - usb 2
    blue - usb 3
    red or yellow - usb 3 that stays powered when the device is off (for charging other devices)
    aqua or green - usb3.1

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