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Rift Audio Issue in Electronauts

Silent_AssassinSilent_Assassin Posts: 4
I don't think this is a Rift Audio issue so much as I think it's an Electronauts issue, but not sure where else to post this.  

When playing Electronauts, when the bass or kick track are active (both effectively a form of bass) my audio sounds like blown speakers.  I don't get this with any other game.  Any suggestions?


  • nathanburbanathanburba Posts: 1
    What kind of speakers and sound card are you using? It sounds like the real low end of the audio is getting heavily compressed. Is it just the Rift headphones?
  • Silent_AssassinSilent_Assassin Posts: 4
    Nathan - Yes, just rift headphones, and just this game.  All other games sound is fine.  My sound card is just on board, MB is a Gigabyte Z170X-UD3.
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