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Summer sale and other sales can be hazardous to your dollars

inovatorinovator Posts: 1,310
edited August 12 in Oculus Rift + Touch
My mistake. I'm to blame. I should of opened all my games I bought during summer sale. I could have received a refund if I moved on it right away. Now serious sam the last hope is now serious crap, no hope to play this game. Always test your games . I will In the future. 

In serious sam when I click the icon to load the game.  In the VR environment it says it's taking a long time and to check the PC.  When I look at the PC monitor, there is a Croteam bug reporter that will not let me send a error report.  The Serious Sam windows opened says its not responding.  I looked at some forums that suggested to reinstall directx but I'm not good at trouble shooting.


  • Digikid1Digikid1 Posts: 1,395
    Project 2501
    Funny since I have that game and it works PERFECTLY FINE!  I believe that @Zenbane also has this game with no issues.

    Have you tried uninstalling it and trying again?

    It is a great game.  Watch out for the swamp level though.
  • PhoenixSpyderPhoenixSpyder Posts: 143
    I always resist sales lately...unless it's something I just have to have at the time....because now I know there will 'always' be a some point. Plus, if I wait long enough...while playing something else I really like...the price will probably drop by the time I want what ever it is anyway...either here or elsewhere.

    I kind of also made the mistake of buying the Croteam Serious Sam package from steam back in Feb, but only tried the first one so far...since then...LOL!!

    I still have my $20 credit from oculus, btw...LOL!!! Saving it for the next killer game that doesn't require MP...haven't really seen anything yet...really hope something happens before March.
  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 12,284 Power Poster
    I don't think I ever had an issue with Serious Sam. I achieved almost all Stars; I was addicted for 2 months easy.
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  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 5,050 Valuable Player
    edited August 12
    inovator said:
      I looked at some forums that suggested to reinstall directx but I'm not good at trouble shooting.

    That's not what you call trouble shooting they are telling you to reinstall Direct X. You just install Direct X like any other software. Also, I would suggest uninstalling the game and deleting it's folder wherever you installed Oculus. Then just reinstall the game and let us know if it works..
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