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Visual and audio lag only when using rift built in headphones.

wildshotohkwildshotohk Posts: 4
edited October 2018 in Support
Okay, so I hadnt touched my Rift in a bit because my pc messed up. After I finally got around to formatting, reinstalling windows, etc.. I get my rift up and going.
Every game, Beat Saber, Onward, Robo Recall, etc.., all have this odd stutter.

The audio is the most noticeable, the video "lags" or hangs sometimes, and occasionally my controllers may freeze in place. Headset does not freeze.

*Edit* This only happens using the built in headphones.

Example: Beat Saber audio is constantly stuttering, like a radio station you shouldnt be connected to. Controller and HMD are fine but the blocks coming at you are stopping then starting again. The game froze at one point sort of, It was on, audio freaking out, blocks freeze but I can still look around fine and move my hands.
Ive tried re-installing oculus, verifying files, checked all my ports, checked for updates. Started games and hit window+G and said yea its a game.

It used to play fine, smooth as silk.  (Thought Id throw that out before my specs, they arent awesome but it played great.)

Windows 10 Pro
Gtx 1050 Ti
Amd FX-6300
8gb ram
1Tb HDD (250gb used)

Any help?


  • wildshotohkwildshotohk Posts: 4
    edited October 2018
    No fix yet. 

    Just use other headphones or tv/speakers if you have the issue.

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