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[Updated 14/12/18: beta v0.2.1 is coming] SKYBOX beta testers needed (Oculus Go + Gear VR) Posts: 17
edited December 2018 in Samsung Gear VR

Hi friends,

We are SKYBOX STUDIO. Some of you might be familiar with our product: SKYBOX VR VIDEO PLAYER

We are making rapid changes from versions to versions, but as our user group grows, we can't afford making this type of changes without beta testing with real users any more.

Beta testing for v0.2.0 was tough but very successful.
Thanks to our beta testers, v0.2.0 performs well since its official release.

Now, with beta v0.2.1 coming soon, we are looking for more beta testers with Oculus Go / Gear VR.

In v0.2.1, we develop many new features which have been frequently asked before. 
This version comes with a new "Advanced Setting" UI design and a big upgrade on PC Client/AirScreen which supports file management in folders.

Here is a list of what we are testing in v0.2.1:

  1. [Feature] New Advanced Settings:
    - Curved Screen.
    - 3D L-R swap.
    - Playback Speed Adjustment. 
    - AB loop.
    - Order / Shuffle + Loop Playlist / Loop One Video / Disable Loop.
    - Image Adjust - Contrast.
    - Image Adjust - Saturation.
    - Adjust aspect ratio for special 3D SBS videos. <ex.>
  2. [Feature] AirScreen Folder Mode (New PC Client available).
  3. [Optimization] Map system volume adjustment.
  4. [Optimization] Always play from last playback point.

If you signed up for the previous round, you do not have to sign up again. Simply update your SKYBOX from the Oculus Store after the Beta Release.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, please send your Oculus registered email to us at [email protected] with a title  BETA TEST & Oculus Go / Gear VR.

If you no longer wish to be a beta tester, email us at [email protected] and we will remove you from the beta tester list right away.

To be a beta tester can be rough sometimes because the new features or upgrade could influence you negatively depending on your own usage patterns. So please don't get too mad and just talk to me  I'm sure we will solve it for you very quickly.

We thank you for your support and MOST IMPORTANTLY, we hope you have fun and enjoy SKYBOX.

P.S. Happy holidays to all 

Best regards,


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