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VR On The Go - Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare

vrgamerdudevrgamerdude Posts: 303

Today on VR on the Go I am taking a look at Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare. As a fan of the Evil Dead movies and the unfortunately canceled Ash Vs Evil Dead TV series I was glad to see this experience show up in the store.

At it's core Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare plays heavily on fan service allowing players to revisit and explore the iconic cabin where it all started. The main bulk of this experience is a runner game in which Ash needs to run through the forest either evading or dispatching Deadites as he sprints towards the end goal of a boss fight.

The game section of this experience was pretty easy and gave little in the way of challenge while getting to the end of the forest. The boss fight was definitely harder and took a few tries to complete. Controls were a bit of a pain for me as this game has the locomotion and speed controls assigned to swipes on the track pad vs pressing in on the direction I wanted to go. This locomotion style got frustrating after a while and felt very inaccurate.

Overall if you are a fan of the Evil Dead franchise then this is a no brainier and you will most likely enjoy it for all of the fan service put into this experience.
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